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What We Do

Modern society is using various forces and methods to fight domestic violence issues, protect victims, offer emotional, social and other forms of support, especially if children are victims. Our service strives to integrate and provide all sorts of help to domestic violence victims available at one place.

Legal Help

all the best for YOU

Providing legal and legislative professional help to our clients during court procedures, fighting for freedom and property is one of the essential services we offer.

Psychological Support


All victims of domestic abuse face the various intensity of emotional trauma even during the new life. We hire experienced psychologists and therapists to help our clients face the trauma, deal with emotional scars and heal healthily.

Social Reintegration

to keep YOU Halthy

Helping someone to end previous troubling life isn’t enough if we don’t provide a better alternative. Our team of social workers assists our clients in gaining solid jobs, finding new, affordable place to live and make new, trustworthy social connections.

Useful phone numbers

Emergency call

Our service has volunteers available as clients’ help any time of the day. Thus, in the case of emergency and escalation of the family crisis, call 1-888-311-7755 for help before further consequences.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Center for fighting domestic violence integrates police, legislative and other services, providing prompt intervention and help anytime you alarm them using listed number: 1-800-799-SAFE

Advocacy services

When faced with an alarming family crisis, the best is to have trusted lawyer guiding you through the legal system and procedures of law fighting domestic violence. Hotline for these services we provide is: 512-303-7755

Useful links

  • www.childline.com is a website dedicated to providing all sorts of help to children in trouble, including physical protection, emotional support or social assistance.

  • www.womenaid.com is an online place where you can find a wide network of various professionals helping women who suffered domestic violence in any form.

  • www.familycrisis.com will connect you with other victims, offer you useful advice on legal approaches and social strategies to create safe and normal life after abuse.

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