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How to Find Help in a Domestic Violence Situation

By Kathryn Kennedy / 2018-09-08

Domestic violence is a serious problem in our country, yet one of the worst parts of it is that it is so misunderstood. A lot of people question why someone would stay with an abusive partner, but what they don’t understand is that it is incredibly difficult to get out of a domestic violence situation. […]


Tips For Women Suffering Violence In Marriage

By Kathryn Kennedy / 2017-10-01

Physical harming is not the only form of abuse happening in families in crisis, but it is certainly the most dangerous. Too many family crises end up with a woman being killed, severely hurt and suffering some consequences for a lifetime. No doubt domestic violence is a problem of the whole society, but here is […]


How To Recognize Domestic Abuse?

By Kathryn Kennedy / 2017-07-10

Domestic violence and abuse are one of the most alarming global problems our society is struggling with and strives to fight effectively. The frequency of some domestic abuse is shocking, but when talking about domestic abuse, most people picture physical violence of one partner over another, commonly man over woman. The real problem is a […]


Help Your Kids Deal With Divorce Successfully

By Kathryn Kennedy / 2017-04-12

Going through a divorce is one of the toughest experiences even to adults initiating it, not to say how the kids feel. The truth is that not all parents make it messy, frustrating and traumatizing equally. But even those who try to cope with it friendly and peacefully might make some crucial mistakes that will […]