Tips For Women Suffering Violence In Marriage


Physical harming is not the only form of abuse happening in families in crisis, but it is certainly the most dangerous. Too many family crises end up with a woman being killed, severely hurt and suffering some consequences for a lifetime.

Domestic violence victim

No doubt domestic violence is a problem of the whole society, but here is some rather useful advice for the mere women being victims of domestic violence.

Always look for medical help when hurt

Do not treat yourself or underestimate the severity of injuries, just seek help. Not only that is the best way to ensure you are cured and treated properly and to reduce chances of critical physical consequences.

But the best would be to tell doctors exactly what happened. They can help you beyond mere physical treatment.

Don’t put up with it, make an escape plan

There are tons of reasons why women tend to stay in an abusive marriage and suffer chronic violence, but every woman should be encouraged not to do it.


You should be aware that it’s not your fault, you do not deserve it in any way, things can be better, there is a way to get a normal life. Consider your options, look for a safe place to stay, connect with other people you trust. One step out of an abusive relationship is a beginning of a better life.

Face the legal aspect of the story

Every violence, whether it’s physical, emotional, financial, sexual or any other form can and should be restricted by law.Thus, call authorities. Go to the police and ask for protection, keep your valid documents close, talk to a lawyer if you got one or at least contact social workers and psychologists.

Make a network of protection around yourself

Involve your friends and family members who can protect you. Keep phone numbers of trusted people or organizations nearby. Find an alternative safe place to stay, somewhere where you won’t be alone.

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Become a member of various organizations protecting domestic violence victims to get practical advice, solutions and professional assistance of different experts.

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